Case Study Scenario:

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Case Study Scenario:

Your new patient in the ER is an 85-year-old widow who lives (alone) comfortably in her small home. She is proud of her independence, despite poor eyesight and poor hearing. One afternoon she decided to have a cup of hot tea and heated the water in her microwave. As she set the cup of steaming liquid on the table and sat down, she did not realize how close to the edge of the table the cup was, and the hot tea fell into her lap. She was startled and as she got up, stumbled over a stool and fell. She then pressed her “Alert necklace” and a “help dispatch” was sent to her house. “Oh my, I never thought I would use that thing, but my daughter insisted I have it.” Her daughter lives in another state.

Fearful and in pain, Ms. F. agreed to be taken to the nearest hospital’s E.R., where she was evaluated for her burns and rule out any fractures. She was admitted to the hospital although she kept saying, “I’m alright…I just want to go home. I’m 85, but I’m alright”.

The nurse was concerned about Ms. F. and tried to reassure her. Ms. F. seemed confused and did not respond positively to the nurse’s attempts to calm her. “Where am I going? I want to go home…”

  1. What variables may further increase the stress Ms. F. is experiencing?

  2. Identify biological, psychological, and social factors that affect coping and adaptation to stress that need to be addressed in your nursing care planning.




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