Ethical Issue in the Consulting Industry

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Ethical Issue in the Consulting Industry 

PLEASE LOOK AT THE UPLOADED PDF FOR THE DETAILS. I choose prompt option 1; 1. Your Professional Organization (such as the WGA, the ABA, the SPJ, the AMA, etc) hereby issues a call for papers for a forthcoming conference on ethical issues in your discipline. They seek careful and cogent analyses that consider multiple perspectives and are based in concrete examples (case studies, personal experience, primary evidence, etc.) as well as dutiful research. Submissions should focus on a particularly vexing and highly significant ethical dilemma that might confront a professional working in your discipline. Start essay with a BRIEF background on various ethical issues common in the consulting industry. Hone in on the ethical issue of billing in the consulting business for most of the essay; there is an issue since valuing consulting work is vague, therefore can manipulate charges. For example, consultants can manipulate billing hours to meet quotas or firms sales numbers by over billing clients. Include the solution of monitoring the outcomes of the consulting services to charge based on the quality(positive impact on client’s business) of service instead on quantity (billable hours). 

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