his251 significant events of the 1700’s

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the two readings i will be using for this essay are fredrick (the great) of prussia’s “political testament”(1752) , and the declaration of the rights of man and citizen(1789)

Your assignment is to select and compare/contrast two primary documents we have read thus far.

· For the 1st 5-pg paper select two documents we have read before October 17, 2019

· For the 2nd 5-pg paper select two documents we have read after October 17, 2019

The Introduction of your paper should:

· Identify the two sources you will be comparing/contrasting

· Make an argument as to why this comparison/contrast is historically significant (i.e. Why are you choosing these two documents?)

· Make argument as to the basic similarities and differences you will be examining (How are they similar, and how are they different?—be specific!) and briefly sketch out the structure of your argument.

è Really spend time on your introduction—it makes/breaks your paper! Edit your introduction after writing/editing body and conclusion.

The Body of your paper should

· Supply evidence to support the arguments made in the introduction

· Follow the organizational structure sketched out in the introduction

· Use and analyze quotations from the documents. Cite using footnote/parenthetical citations.

The Conclusion of your paper should

· Restate argument

· Briefly summarize the ways in which you supported your argument

· Conclude with a strong statement as to the historical significance of your compare/contrast (Who cares? So What? Why important?)

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