Historical Biographical Assignment

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Historical figure picked: George Washington

Historical figure picked: George Washington

Historical figure picked: George Washington


Historical Biographical Discussion Assignment: Revolution

Hello all,

Welcome to the biographical discussion assignment. In this assignment, each student is required to choose a historical figure who we have encountered in the book/videos to do additional research on. If you have not chosen someone please post in the previous discussion.

Internet sources (including Wikipedia) are acceptable for this assignment as this will require a deeper understanding of the people than your textbook or I will provide you.

You must put answers in your own words, anything copied and pasted word for word will be a zero. In your initial response, you will provide answers for a series of example questions. Then, you will read what others have posted, and respond to at least 2 other historical figures comparing the one you researched to the one they researched.

First – Research your historical figure

Your initial post – 40 points Address all of the following sections/questions and post it using the format below (there will be an example post when you submit the assignment). Your initial post should be at minimum 500 words in length – section titles, reposting questions, and website links DO NOT COUNT.


Photo: no bigger then 500×500

Historical events (less than 60 words):

Where does this individual appear in the textbook (chapter and page #)?

What historical events were going on in the time and place of this individual?

Childhood/family Background (less than 60 words):

Where/when were they born?

Any important events happen in their younger/developing years? What is their family life like?


What did they do?

What did they accomplish?


From what you have read, what do you think are their character strengths? Why, or what evidence supports this?

From what you have read, what do you think are their weaknesses? Why, or what evidence supports this?

Contribution to history:

Why is this person remembered?

Why is this individual one deserving of a spot in United States history?



List the links of the websites you used to gather your research. You must have at least 2 difference websites.

Your initial post should be at minimum 500 words in length,feel free to write and expand more. The background and historical events section cannot exceed more than 60 words, however feel free to write as much/little for the other sections as long as the total is longer than 500 words.

This is a research assignment. Feel free to use outside and online sources. Google/Wikipedia are acceptable for this assignment. This is an opportunity for you to dive deep into the life of an important person in American history



Thank You

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