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The company you work for recently acquired several international locations. You were informed that multiple positions will be moving overseas over the course of the next few years. Your manager has asked you to provide a comprehensive cultural information report to help employees make the transition to overseas employment.


Select a country where a specific job will be stationed. You may select from the United Nations’ list of developed economies (Table A, page 169) in World Economic Situation and Prospects [PDF].

  • If you wish to select a country other than those listed in the UN document, you must request permission from your instructor.

  • Make sure the county of choice is logical for the company you are using.

Develop a 6–8 page cultural information report that will help an employee better understand how to make the transition overseas. Include the following:

  1. Write an Executive Summary that explains the organizational strategy for expanding company operations to this particular country.

    • What is the company strategy for working in this country?

    • What are the expectations of leadership (ROI)?

  2. Prepare an overview of the critical information an American would need to know to live and work in the selected country.

    • Language(s) spoken.

    • Currency, economy, political climate.

    • Housing, cost of living, transportation.

    • Health care.

    • Recreation

  3. Develop a list of advice on successfully assimilating into the selected country and culture.

    • Local customs, values, and traditions.

  4. Determine the type of immigration laws or visa requirements needed to work in the selected country.

  5. Discuss three ways company leadership can provide human and material resources to support employees in foreign locations.

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