Investigate Methods of Violence Discussion 6

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Perez, O. J., (2013). Gang violence and insecurity in contemporary central America. Bulletin of Latin American Research, Vol. 32, pg. 217-235.

Gang Violence article is attached


1. Based upon your understanding of the article, discuss the determinants of gang violence from the relational levels of social, community, family, friends, and the individual and how they bring about the behaviors witnessed in gang crime and social involvement.
2. Construct an individual methodology for addressing and resolving the dynamics of gang violence within the Central American culture. You are free to advance any concept that you believe would be successful and beneficial to the culture and society.

Discuss your thoughts on the information that has been posted by your professor and discuss its relevance and implications to the field of criminal justice. Your remarks can be opinion, but they must be based on your experience, research, and/or prior learning. Use this exercise to converse with your fellow colleagues about issues that are important to the field of criminal justice. Of interest is a dialogue of opinions, thoughts, and comments. Be sure to discuss both sides of the issue as noted in the actual question posting. 600-words APA format.

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