Literature Review, Critically Evaluating the Literature

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Using the annotated bibliography you developed in week 2, write a review of the literature on your narrowing research topic and the problem statement and the hypothesis you developed in Forum 3c. You are encouraged to include more references in your review than you had in your week 2 assignment annotated bibliography. References may come from our forum discussion of sources, or new searches you have completed.

The videos below are designed as a general guide. Keep in mind they are written to undergraduate students and include the most basic of instructions. Use your Lessons week 3 and your Required readings for a complete overview of a Literature Review. Also, I will not accept the proposed (In the Videos) “questions” as a way to organize your main points. Your headings should be clear and involve dynamic relationships between multiple points.

Formatting Guidelines for Review of the Literature

  • No more than 4 pages and no less than 2 pages
  • Double spaced
  • Times New Roman font

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