Mental health and adolescents in Houston.

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Describe how the public health field or a given population or community might be affected by the project. Objectively provide examples of how the professional activities of your project can benefit you in your role as a public health practitioner and bring about transformative social change in your community or in the profession. In this section, describe the following: Provide the demographics of your targeted population and explanation of why you selected this specific population. Describe in depth the geographical boundaries and jurisdictions: for example, school district, neighborhood, city, town, state, and so on. 2 pages Implementation Strategies An important part of your field work project will be to know and adhere to a recognized code of ethics and to your organization’s confidentiality policy. Using your organization’s policies and a professionally recognized public health code of ethics, prepare a write-up that addresses the following: Describe how you will incorporate professional and personal ethics in implementing and making decisions for your project, relating the Code of Ethics for the Health Education Profession to what you will be implementing. Identify potential ethical and confidentiality issues that might arise and discuss how you will overcome these issues. Identify critical barriers to delivering equitable and easy access to a diverse population. Include strategies for addressing diversity concerns. Include an appropriate communication plan for all stakeholders, constituents, and especially for your diverse population. Integrate policies, processes, regulations, and so on (at all levels, if applicable) into the recommendations and plan for addressing environmental or community issues.

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