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Assessment Details:
This assessment is designed to assess your skills in analysing the IT infrastructure hardware, software
and networking requirements for ABC organisation. The organisation must provide IS services to the
staff and customers such as email, webpage, and database. The ABC organisation details as followings:
– Three floors in one building each floor includes 25 computers.
– Main office is located at the ground floor with two computers and a shared printer for the
staff working at main office only.
– Six printers (two each floor) that can be access by all staff.
– ABC website that provides customers with a general information and clients can buy services,
and products.
– All staff have the ABC email account.
– Application software that allows the staff to conduct online meetings and training workshops.
– Share files between the staff.
You have to write a report and answer the followings questions related to ABC organisation:
1. Introduction to introduce the services the organisation provided and report outlines.
2. Identify and discuss the network devices required to achieve the organization requirements
including the day by day activities. Explain the function of each device and identify in which
layer of OSI model it works.
3. Identify and specify the clients and server’s communication software and application software
required to achieve the ABC requirements. Justify your answer.
4. Use the seven layers OSI model to explain with the support of diagram how data are moved
between the layers when an employee at ground floor sent an email to another employee at
level-3 floor. Your diagram must show all the network devices involved in data communication
and types of protocols required.
5. Summary of the report
6. References in Harvard style

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