Organizational Information Security

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Organisational information security

Week 4 project

Security models

in this project you are supposed to conduct research and review various security models like those from the international organization for standardization abbreviated as ISO, the national institute of standards and technology NIST, and the information system audit and control association ISACA. create a compare and contrast paper for the appropriate stakeholders of wellness technology Inc. it is vital to support your assertions with credible sources since this is a big decision for the company.

Your paper should contain the following:

  1. Selected list three security models and define them such as nonsecurity take holders can comprehend the models.
  2. Explain why the three were chosen
  3. Explain how the models are similar
  4. Explain how the model statistics
  5. Provide a recommendation for the one that should be used and reasons for your choice.

The essay should be professional and you will cite all sources applicable. It should be 5 pages long.

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