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Healthcare Management paper about about pricing transparency and why it is important

Ali and Sami audit firm has been the auditors of EXE Co for many years. Before the
commencement of the audit, EXE Co informed Ali and Sami audit team that they are
planning to apply for a huge bank loan to tide up their financial issue.
From the later months of 2019, business has been very dull in EXE Co and the
movement of funds into the company has been extremely poor. Staff salaries in EXE Co
were pending and suppliers had not been paid.
EXE Co believed that the sales would pick up by 2021 again and this one time, they
would need the support of the auditor to help them with a good audit report. A good
audit report will not only help them to get a bank loan but will also help to solve many
other problems within the company.
Question 1
“A unique feature of the auditing profession is the responsibility to follow professional
ethics and act in the public interest.”
Page 4 of 4
Individual Assignment /Fall-2020
Define professional ethics? Give your understanding of the concept of professional
ethics and legal liability in auditing profession which is to be followed by Ali and Sami
audit firm.
(8 Marks)
Question 2
From Ali and Sami audit firm’s point of view, give your understanding of the reasons for
planning an audit and its risk assessment while accepting the audit of EXE Co.
Contrast the stages of audit planning process to be followed by Ali and Sami Audit firm.

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