the “because clause” in writing

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write 250 (minimum) word response in which you explain how using a “because clause” helps you (by “you,” I mean you specifically) create a thesis that has a claim and reason. As you know from the first essay, what comes before a “because clause” in a thesis is the claim, the argument you want to make, and what comes after the “because clause” is your reason in support of your claim (argument). Consider the difference between “You should not write without taking breaks.” and “You should not write without taking breaks because time away from your writing allows you to return to your draft with a more critical eye.” The second version offers a reason in support of the claim. Keep in mind that a thesis needs to be debatable. Please cite only one of the thesis handouts in your response, being careful to explain the quotation and how it relates to your main point. Additionally, please be specific and give an example of your own writing from our class. You may use, for example, completed writing or in-progress writing from our class. Regardless of what example you use from our class, it needs to be specific, e.g., “In my thesis for our first essay, I could have used a because clause, which would have helped me develop my argument. My thesis was, ” __________.'” Of course, you could instead note an effective use of a because clause in one of your theses and explain how the because clause helped you.

Thesis handout can be found here:

I provide you an example as well. that’s how my classmate do it.

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