The Linotype as Invention and System

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Part I – The Preparation: Please view the Linotype documentary (In Class), and read: 1) Ackert Lecture (View the videos of my recorder lecture on Systems). 2) Roy W. Howard, “Newspaper Mass Production,” The North American Review, Vol. 225, No. 842 (Apr., 1928), pp. 420-424. 3) John J. Fry, “‘Good Farming-Clear Thinking-Right Living’”: Midwestern Farm Newspapers, Social Reform, and Rural Readers in the Early Twentieth Century,” Agricultural History, Vol. 78, No. 1 (Winter, 2004), pp. 34-49. Part II – The Report: Please: A) First read Howard’s newspaper column (1928), and then Fry’s article (2004). Discuss how the two stories compare to one another? For example, how we can explain their different views of the dangers of mass-production and centralization of the newspapers. B) Then discuss how these stories relate to that told in the Linotype film? C) Also, address the ways they might reflect the history of ‘Technology and Systems’ as presented in my lecture. In-text citations: Cite your sources using in-text citations in the format (Author, page #), or using footnotes in Chicago Manual Style. Part III – Bibliography: Include a Bibliography listing all the sources you have used. I prefer Chicago Manual of Style:

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