the Web site manager for a local florist

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Morgan is the Web site manager for a local florist. The company’s owner would like Morgan to redesign the Web site so that customers can connect directly with florist employees on a daily basis about products and specials. Does this relate to which step in establishing an online business?
a. Choosing a target market
b. Finding a niche market
c. Choosing a domain name
d. Using social media
e. Creating a professional Web site

A venture capital firm wants to invest in businesses with a high rate of return. In return, it will
a. provide little assistance and advice.
b. provide information to help the entrepreneur prosper.
c. own a majority of the business.
d. invest small amounts of money.

There are more than 11 million minority-owned businesses in the country. How does this compare to the number of minority-owned businesses a decade ago?
a. Twice as many
b. Five times as many
c. One half as many
d. One third as many

From 2018-2019, which country had 40% of individuals age 18 to 64 either starting or managing new enterprises?
a. Zambia
b. Dominican Republic
c. China
d. Angola
e. Peru

Borrowing money that has to be repaid in order to start a business is known as
a. franchising
b. debt financing
c. venture capital
d. equity financing
e. licensing

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