Sexual harassment prevention training course and training CD

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Sexual harassment prevention training course and training CD

Incorporating a sexual harassment CBT (computer-based training) training program in your company for the managers, supervisors, and employees is essential to the well-being of your business. The interpersonal dynamics of a company can effectively promote or sabotage the productivity and success it experiences. To that effect, training your staff in the intricacies of sexual harassment through a well-defined and structured program will provide many benefits for the employer, the company, and the employees.

Training managers and supervisors to recognize and deal with sexual harassment effectively and quickly can provide a safer, more secure work environment for the employees. Employees who feel safe and who do not need to waste time worrying about being sexually harassed will be more productive for the company.

The vital importance of creating a safe work environment cannot be stressed enough, and the responsibility lies with the employer. In fact, the employer is responsible legally for any sexual harassment that occurs through his supervisors and managers, and that is exactly why a sexual harassment training program is essential. Training will provide the investigative and interviewing skills managers need to effectively handle sexual harassment situations, eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace, and avoid litigation.

Providing sexual harassment prevention training videos helps managers and employees alike to understand the differences between federal and state laws. In turn, the trained individual will be able to recognize when casual communications, including jokes, innuendos, and emails, become sexual harassment or sexual harassment becomes discrimination.

Additionally, a sexual harassment training course can teach managers to recognize the early signs of sexual harassment, effectively giving them the tools and training they need to circumvent the behavior before it gets out of control and leads to expensive lawsuits. Training individuals to recognize sexual harassment for what it is can minimize hostility in the workplace, improve managerial relationships with the employees, and enhance working conditions.

Your Sexual Harassment Training Instructor:

Lynne Weikert began her career as a consultant in 1986 at Accenture Consulting. Working in both business and IT, Lynne continued her career as a manager, trainer and mentor to clients as well as her teams. She began actively training people for the PMI PMP certification and other business skills in 2002. Lynne has worked in several industries including Retail, Banking, Government, Pharmaceutical, and Waste Management Services.


1.1 Assuming that Lynne Weikert was managing training in the classroom, name EIGHT functions she would have to perform (8)

1.2 Lynne Weikert as described in this case is a sexual Harassment instructor. Briefly explain the skills she has to have to ensure effective transfer of learning to the workplace (10).

1.3. From the contents of this case study, why is a sexual training programme important at the workplace? (10).

1.4. Assuming the training instructor asked you how she would establish an acceptable and safe learning environment for the trainees in this case, how would you respond? (10)

1.5.   computer-based training as used in this case is a form of Technology-based training.

a) What is Technology-based training? (2)

b). Explain the view that “technology-based training is adaptable and flexible.” (

  One of the students in Lynne Weikert’s class had this to say to his friend after the training event, “Who is this lady? She has trained us on a number of occasions but I really do not know much about her. For example what qualifications does she have? Where did she go to school? What experience does she have in training? There are times when her teaching is not organized. I feel that sometimes she starts with what, in my opinion, should be taught last. And at times she is so soft, I mean the way she talks and the way she presents her lesson….communication, presentation and ….. aah generally I do not like her facilitation skills. She talks and talks and talks to herself. She does not involve us.”

As an HRD student advice Lynne on how she could ensure effective facilitation of training and learning to avoid such criticism

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