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Create a non-narrated presentation (PowerPoint) with speaker notes in which you review and analyze the following business-critical service-level agreement (SLA) scenario and then accurately respond to prompts following.


You are presented with the following facts about an organization’s business-critical application data. The application stores data in a logical unit (LUN), configured with RAID 1. The size of the LUN is 1 Terabyte (TB). On average, the data that changes in a 24-hour period is 60 Gigabytes (GB). The organization has 2 data centers that are approximately 1000 miles apart.

As a data storage consultant, you have identified the organization has the following requirements:

A solution is needed to address the logical corruption of data.
The RPO requirement of the business-application is 1 hour.
If there is a logical corruption to the data, up to 8 hours of old data would need to be restored.
The amount of storage used for data protection should be minimal.
The organization also requires a disaster recovery (DR) solution that should not impact the response time of the business-application.


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