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Ford Motor Company is an international organization that must change its distribution channels in order to reach different markets and countries around the world. For the United States market, many of the Ford vehicles in the country are built here in North America and can be distributed fairly simply by rail or truck, but for other countries around the world, that is not always the case. There are some of Ford’s products that are exported as whole units, which would involve transporting vehicles by ship. In other cases, the vehicles may be assembled in the country that they are being sold. In those cases, many of the parts for the vehicles are exported to those countries from the United States and sent to assembly plants where they can be put to use to build a vehicle for the countries market that they are located in. The needs and wants of each country’s consumers vary so the vehicles that are offered there vary from the offerings in the United States as well, but often many of the main components of the vehicles are shared between different markets.

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