the most important part of the business plan

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1) What is the most important part of the business plan in general? Considering the way you plan your business plan, what will be the most important part of it?

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2) Describe several trends that are driving markets today and their impact on small businesses. Also, why is it important for small business owners to define their target markets as part of their marketing strategies?

3) What advantages does an LLC offer over an S corporation?  What advantages does an LLC offer over a partnership? Explain.

4) What are zoning laws?  How do they affect the location decision? Also, what is the trade area?  What determines a small retailer’s trade area?

5) Why is developing a financial plan so important to an entrepreneur about to launch a business? Explain.

6) Why must entrepreneurs concentrate on effective cash flow management?  Also, what should be a small business owner”s primary concern when investing surplus cash?

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