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Case Study

Develop Although Bounce Fitness centres are known in their local communities, the company is seeking an extended presence and identity to promote the company’s unique approach and lifestyle vision to an older audience. The organisation tendered for, and won, a health initiative to conduct a three-month pilot project involving older typical non-users to improve their fitness and lifestyle in each of the four (4) Bounce Fitness Centres.

The CEO and Board of Directors have asked you to manage the operational plan. One of Bounce Fitness’s objectives is to increase revenue by 10% and one of the projects the CEO has decided to embrace is to encourage the over 50s to join the club.


Bounce Fitness’s target clients for this project are those over 50 years of age. Starting from the initial contact and assessment, these individuals will be looking for innovative yet comfortable, effective, and convenient solutions for their needs. They may have already heard of Bounce Fitness but will be referred and encouraged by their health providers and the staff of accommodation catering to a senior age group. Classes will cater for up to 30 people and be held weekdays before work at 8 am.


Target clients may have weight or health issues or concerns (diabetes, depression, restricted mobility) and have an interest in improving their fitness; however, they do not know where to start and find it difficult to do it by themselves. Being advised by their health provider of the necessity and benefits, along with a referral to Bounce Fitness will help this. The advertising will be managed by the Health Department and the Tender covers all costs but catering. There is no cost to clients so it is expected there will be a good uptake.


Bounce Fitness will take pre- and post- weight, body mass and blood pressure measurements. They will supply a daily class on weekdays. Each class is designed to be engaging, encouraging, and fun and also deal with weight, flexibility and diet. Those attending will be encouraged to stay and enjoy a free breakfast that is healthy and light and to converse with others pre- and post- training. They will also be shown how to use the equipment and how to maintain their fitness through additional daily gentle exercise at home and diet changes. The breakfast will cost Bounce Fitness $15 per head per class.


It is recognised that emotional needs including managing depression, companionship, and general interest in becoming more active in their lives generally should also be impacted positively.


Testing supplied by Bounce Fitness will include weight, body measurements and mass and blood pressure initially and monthly thereafter. This will require the purchase of 6 Mobile Mercury Sphygmomanometers for each Centre at a cost of $199 inc. GST each. All other testing will be undertaken by the Ministry of Health. So the outcomes for Bounce Fitness will be in terms of client physical success factors and profitability. As this is a government tender, complete and accurate record keeping is essential.


Current staff will be able to manage the new clients but will need to update their training in the monitoring and recording of the client physical markers and diet appropriate to that age group. This training cost will be budgeted in the infrastructure costs for one month before the commencement of the program at $1,500 for the month. Otherwise, they need no further development. Infrastructure costs include use of the facility, wear and tear on carpet and equipment, cooling, and administrative costs. This is $3,000 per Centre

1) Research, analyse, and list the resources that you will require to develop your operational plan for Bounce Fitness and where you intend to obtain them. (Resources will include goods and services to be purchased and/or ordered, human, physical and current and future financial resources).

2) Discuss with whom you would consult in developing your plan and on an ongoing basis. Specifically, how and when will you conduct the consultations?

3) What are your key performance indicators, so you can see if you are progressing toward the goals at the planned rate or not?

4) Looking at the plan you have developed, develop a contingency plan for each area where something could go wrong and how you will recover. You must provide at least one plan

5) Prepare your plan for presentation to the CEO and Board of Directors to get approval for your resource requirements. Your plan should include:

•    How the operational plan was developed and/or managed?

•    How you have developed and used key performance indicators?

•    How has contingency planning been undertaken?

•    How have you implemented performance management systems within work teams?

•    How have you formulated financial plans and budgets?

10)In Question 3 you developed systems and processes to measure the key performance indicators of your plan. Describe how you will monitor and review each in terms of expected productivity and profit plans and targets.




Memo format

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Memo format: explain leadership’s impact on internal customer service.

  • Explain the impact of empowerment on culture and customer service.
  • Describe the impact of internal customer service on external customer service, making a connection to leadership.





 Argumentative academic essay

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When it comes to the practices of creativity and innovation within organisations, some managers are of the opinion that one should throw away the textbook. They say that outside the classroom, in the real-world context, there is no place for theory or ‘textbook concepts’. That the best results are gained from common sense and through experimentation and learning from mistakes.

 Argumentative academic essay

Common sense, experimentation and learning from mistakes are indeed important resources. In this course, however, we contend that innovators benefit strongly from so-called textbook and classroom learning that involves the application of concepts, models, theories, processes, and tools. They understand that the integration of theory and practice results in better innovation outcomes.

Argumentative academic essay



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credit card

Advantages of credit card 1

Many consumers use checking accounts and credit, often in the form of credit card.

  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a checking account?
  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having credit?
  • What are some strategies you could use to manage credit to avoid paying high interest rates and fees?
  • How can planning to manage your accounts lead you to be more productive and better equipped to manage your financial priorities?


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Roger's model of adoption curve

Best Roger’s model of adoption curve 1995 today

Roger’s model of adoption curve

Using Roger’s model of adopter types, where is the technology of (sustainable packaging) on the adoption curve right now?

A. Innovators
B. Early adopters
C. Early majority
D. Late majority
E. Laggards



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Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory, developed by E.M. Rogers in 1962, is one of the oldest social science theories. It originated in communication to explain how, over time, an idea or product gains momentum and diffuses (or spreads) through a specific population or social system. The end result of this diffusion is that people, as part of a social system, adopt a new idea, behavior, or product.

Roger’s model of adoption curve

Adoption means that a person does something differently than what they had previously (i.e., purchase or use a new product, acquire and perform a new behavior, etc.). The key to adoption is that the person must perceive the idea, behavior, or product as new or innovative. It is through this that diffusion is possible.

Organisation culture

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Now after a whole semester of following this course, we come to the final task:

2,000 wds (+/- 10%)

You will need to prepare a report where you explore in depth one or two key themes that have emerged for you across the three modules this semester. You will need to:

  • articulate why and how you’ve identified your themes, and why they’re relevant/important
  • discuss how they are currently impacting on communication industries and/or the professionals within them, and how they might shape or influence these industries and professionals in the future.

You may notice themes where topics we have explored may have some commonalities, or where a particular idea or issue has presented itself across the modules in different contexts.

You will support your discussion with references to insights and views of our industry panels, to the readings supplied and to your own additional research. You can also draw upon case studies or current examples of communication practice to support your discussion.

This needs to be done in a basic Report format:

  • Title page
  • Table of Contents
  • Abstract/Executive Summary
  • Body (with subheads for clarity)
  • Conclusion

Referencing is in APA format.


  • Quality of insight and critical analysis in identification and discussion of themes (20)
  • Breadth and depth of research (10)
  • Quality of writing and referencing (5) – no less than 10 references, including media articles and magazines

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Use one or more of these topics to start and progress the discussion, and cite any sources that you reference or draw upon.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • How did the comments and insights from the panel confirm or diverge from your understanding of current issues and challenges facing the industry?
  • The issue of privacy was raised as a point of concern facing society and the communication and media industries. What were some of the other forecasted issues or opportunities raised by the panel that also might be reflected in other readings or research you have done?
  • Discuss any other issues you believe were raised by the panel that made you think, or that you’d like to draw upon the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ – your peers – to discuss and explore further.


  • Critical analysis of issues, and understanding of readings and course content, demonstrated in posts and responses to peers (6/12)
  • Quality and extent of engagement through dialogue with peers online in forums (4/12)
  • Quality of writing (2/12)


Suggested industry reports that will supplement your understanding of the issues discussed in Module 1 can be found below.