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How to Write a Custom Example Essay


The example essay is one of the essential essays in academic writing despite this they are the most difficult if you have no experience. Example essays target one specific idea which you prove with various specific, convincing examples. If you are stuck while writing an essay, follow the necessary steps to make it out and write an essay that you can submit proudly.

Writing essays by yourself is indeed so exciting, but sometimes it is challenging.  This is why most students (high school or college) occasionally request to have many example essays so that they will have some form of basis in writing their example essays.


Benefits of customized example essays

Example essays are critical to the students who are just beginners or who are writing for the first time.  The example essays contain all the attributes that an essay should possess. It contains the required referencing style, the contents of the paper, and the format such as the outline.


Important things when writing custom example essay

Before you begin, make sure to seek clarifications from your professor or instructor. List the criteria of the article on a separate sheet of paper.

  • Brainstorm example essay topic; List at least three topics that you are much interested in or would like to talk about. Analyze ideas of what you are going to write if the assignment is specifically a single topic.  Break down topics into small subtopics.  Narrate a thesis statement for each subtopic; it will make you build your entire story.
  • Write a draft; It is a good idea to come up with a draft first before you come with the whole essay, but remember that this consumes a lot of time and that is why having a quick example essay not only saves time but saves money and energy as well.
  • Possess the essential resources; Books, magazines, reports, articles, and journals are the crucial aspects of an essay paper. References are the backbone of the paper because they build the credibility of the essay. With no or limited time will eventually lead to less or irrelevant reference materials. Having the example essay will be of great assistance since you can access a wide range of valid references.
  • Quality of the paper;  Well-educated and experienced writers provide the essay since they have got enough time to acquire all the necessary resources furthermore have got enough time to compile the essay. The student who will get a high-quality essay will receive an excellent grade. The student will be sure about what to write, how to write, and the layout that he/she needs to write.

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how has Starbucks been successful in addressing different environments and cultures across the globe.

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Economic writing is tough sometimes, and it is inevitable for those who are taking an economics degree, economics Ph.D., or masters. Economics is very wide hence it requires considerable experience, writing skills, and have a deep understanding of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international economics.

Economics is a subject many students fear since it is extensive and covers across the borders furthermore it is a subject based on facts and very many assumptions. Again economics can be divided into normative economics and positive economics. So, economics writing can be frustrating, tiresome, and time-consuming since it needs a collection of credible and factual information.

Economics is a subject that deals in satisfaction of the unlimited human want with the scarce resources (microeconomics) and in macroeconomics, it focuses on the study of global or collective decisions by individuals’ households or producers. It looks at a national or international economy as a whole. Hence you see that it requires in-depth research when writing economic papers. Don’t forget again that well-labeled diagrams and charts are also very important to your writing.

Economic writing

Economic writing

Are you finding it a challenge to write economics papers?

If your ambitions and desires are to score high grades, you have to sacrifice more of your time to write and to do research as a professor, and look for some statistical data to boost your points. We understand that you might be having writing problems here and there, for instance, many assignments, lack of writing experience or skills hence, as a reputable custom writing service provider we assist students across the world in writing economic papers and any other academic papers.

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We understand that economics writing is a very technical subject on its own which requires one to be prepared and have the needed skills, knowledge, and reliable sources to score high grades in any economic writing such as economics research paper, economics term paper, economics dissertation or economics thesis. We have a pool of professional economic writers who have masters and Ph.D. in economics and have been writing for decades. All of our professional writers are English native speakers, so be sure not to get a paper with grammatical errors. You can as well buy economic papers online on our trustworthy website. We offer economic custom writing help with the assurance of best-quality and plagiarism-free papers.


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1 management question- Get answer now cheaply

The higher management of a large multinational corporation is planning to restructure the organization. Currently, the organization is decentralized around geographical areas so that the executive responsible for each area has considerable autonomy over manufacturing and sales. The new structure will transfer power to the executives responsible for different product groups; the executives responsible for each geographic area will no longer be responsible for manufacturing but will retain control over sales activities.

Answer the following management question

Will the higher managers of corporation encounter any resistance to this restructuring? If yes, what type(s) of resistance?

Suggest to managers as to how they can make this change effort successful.




personal effectiveness


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Sample Question

Part A
Select an example of a summative assessment task/activity that is generally used in classrooms within your chosen education context – e.g. a school or an early learning centre. Identify what type of assessment it is and explain its purpose by drawing on the concepts presented in Topic 4 and outlining how it is used in your context. Present a brief literature review by synthesising relevant research evidence relevant to these types and purposes of assessment.
Following this, present your findings from a barrier analysis that you have conducted of the task (see Topic 3) and evaluate the quality and inclusivity of your selected assessment task by drawing on the readings from this course to identify whether it is accessible for every student or whether it has design features which serve as barriers that exclude some learners. Conclude by providing recommendations for the use of this task in including suggestions for how this task might be implemented and/or adapted in order to practice inclusion in your setting that draw on your discussion in the assignment.
This part of the assignment assesses your engagement and participation in the unit. You should contribute a thoughtful response to all of the weekly activities on Moodle for each topic, and you should engage respectfully with each other by responding to at least one of your peers’ contributions for each week. Through these contributions, you will be assessed on your level of participation in the course, your engagement with your peers, and your engagement with the readings and ideas in the course. See the rubric for more detail. You must download your Moodle contributions and submit them with your assessment task as a single file. There is no word limit associated with Part B as it is a demonstration of how active and engaged you are in relation to the course content, the readings, and your peers.BUY A 100% ORIGINAL COLLEGE PAPER
Organisation culture


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Term papers are parts of original essays that constitute educational programs that are unavoidable no matter how complicated they are. Just like an essay or dissertation, this academic assignment is often assigned to students of different educational institutions to determine their level of skills and understanding of the related course or subject. This also means that such work determines students’ final scores.

Most students indeed consider this assignment being the most difficult. These term papers are written according to the applicable standard rules to meet the minimum requirements. Although, there might be a slightly different rule when writing a term paper depending on your instructor.  A term paper is considered to be challenging and tedious because it requires students to do thorough research and analyzing skills to collect enough data on the requested topic and thus, have a solid informational base for your text. If you don’t have excellent writing skills or you have no experience the task will seem even more complicated for you.

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Before you purchase a thesis, you should take some considerations. It requires you to question the originality of the thesis writing service. It is essential for the authors of the thesis to possess relevant and respective education, high professional qualifications nevertheless practical experience plays a significant role when it comes to thesis writing.  The customers must pass the written thesis through the plagiarism detection software to confirm that they have the right paper.

Proper reference, title page, the exact number of papers as required, and formatting services, whether this would be in MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago styles. When buying a thesis paper as a client, you need to negotiate with the writer about the deadline and the revision facility; this is when the written thesis does not meet your expectations. There should be no revision fee in any case. The customer should consider the difficulty of the thesis, the availability of various research requirements, and the urgency of the paper.


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The good thing with buying a thesis online is that you will probably have peace of mind knowing that you will present a professional dissertation with valuable research; note that it only happens if you are relying on reliable writing service like this. Buying a thesis paper is associated with a more complicated process rather than buying a custom paper because a thesis is a rather specific writing assignment, and some writing companies do not specialize in completing relevant theses.

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Since there is no significant difference between a thesis paper and a dissertation, hence customers have to expect higher prices because the quality of the thesis cannot be cheap or cost the same as other ordinary custom papers. In situations whereby a customer wants to buy a thesis paper, and he/she is not conversant with the thesis format, the writer will direct and give guidelines to the client on how to come up with the desired format. The thesis writer can propose a simple topic that resembles the specific challenging assignment. Buying a thesis is a risk to some extent since a thesis is one of the determinants of the final stages of one’s education.

This means that it needs intensive research and presenting the collected information in a recognized manner and relates the ideological examples to examples of reality. As a customer, we recommend that you should never let any inexperienced writer handle your paper. How do you avoid this?  It is only by avoiding unreliable sites. Don’t even buy a thesis from these sites.

Keep in mind that the writers are the ones to make a custom writing service if they are not well educated or lack the writing skills so, the company that hires them is unreliable at all. Make a wise decision when choosing the company to rely on buying Thesis.  Try to research more about the company, read clients’ feedback and testimonials again try to seek advice from friends, relatives, and your colleagues as well. Always inquire if the company you choose has the thesis to buy for you.


Three simple steps to follow when buying thesis paper from businessmanagementassignment.com/

  1. Sign in to our portal and contact our customer support team. We are 24/7 online.

Give us the details of the thesis paper you need to buy. Provide topic, citation, and referencing styles, number of techniques, format, etc. Make sure to leave your contact detail that is e-mail for confidentiality purposes. Once, you have done so expect to receive feedback from us within the shortest time possible. From there you are ready to buy your thesis paper.

  1. Give out the payment details

Immediately you receive the notification that you can buy a thesis paper, and we have already selected the appropriate writer to handle your article, you are required to proceed with the payment. We guarantee you high-quality paper that is equivalent to your money. Our customer is always satisfied with the price we charge since they are reasonable as compared to the service in return.

  1. Get done thesis

This is the last stage. Once you receive your paper, you need to go through it, if the written thesis does not meet your expectations, apply for the revision. This is free of charge.


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Non-plagiarized Essays

Quality Affordable Non-plagiarized Essays score 100%

Are you looking to buy affordable non-plagiarized essays from a trusted company? Contact us now and get essays passed through turnitin.com and Grammarly to ensure originality and quality. Boost your grades now!

The originality of every academic paper is the critical element for better grades. When copying someone’s work you are not only heading to poor grades zone but also leading yourself into trouble of being sued. Many ask if plagiarized work can be detected. Absolutely yes! It is now clear that there are millions of easy-access information on the many websites, plus those in magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Teachers in universities and schools are aware of this, and they are taking the initiative to make sure that their students pass with original works. And how are they trying to detect and overcome this?

How professors detect plagiarism

1. Plagiarism checker Website
One of the most worldly used and should we say “trustworthy” Sites where professors or instructors can upload the papers submitted by their students is through Turnitin.com. This site and grammar checker as long as it is premium professors can get unlimited access to their services and get to know plagiarized and non-plagiarized papers. By clicking professors will be able to trace the level of plagiarism in a plagiarized paper, the exact parts copied, from where it was copied, and the source of originality. So it is straightforward to see if a student has copied or has done the original work.

2. Downloading the plagiarism detection software
Availability of personalized programs has simplified checking of plagiarism any time of the day. Professors can now buy these programs for their personal use to make it easier to check the papers of their students.

3. Checking the papers manually
Comparing and benchmarking of citation, reference, or bibliography of the article and the quality of the paper itself. The quality of writing of the students enables the professors to identify the non-plagiarized essays easily.

Their experience over the years allows them to detect quickly. Remember that your teachers have been marking, checking every day and have encountered different plagiarized and non-plagiarized hence, this qualifies them to recognize papers that cited information and did not provide the source. Another feature of a non-plagiarized essay is missing citations or the presence of unscholarly sources and submission of unswervingly quality papers. Last-minute rush is very dangerous bearing in mind that copying someone’s work is very tempting due to various forcing circumstances which need to be avoided completely.

What will you lose if you are detected to be plagiarized?

Cancelation of your work and redo it again or score failing marks. This is not something to joke with since they matter in your final results which will help you to graduate. So, your professor might decide to cancel your work and do it again which is a waste of time. And, your professor has another option of giving you failing marks which you cannot undo anymore.

Punishment by the law; It should be remembered that plagiarism is a crime. If you are caught doing this act, you can be punished by the law. That is why it is crucial to turn in only non-plagiarized essays. In some cases, you can be charged a considerable amount for breaching the law or sometimes even jailed for some years. Remember this is trying to own someone’s work without their consent. The repercussion of doing this has a permanent taint of your background.

Thus, submit and write non-plagiarized essays so that you can save time, money, energy as well and you will be protecting your untainted name. Write high-quality non-plagiarized essays to have a fruitful student life and peace of mind.

Non-plagiarized Essays from businessmanagementassignment.com experts

We believe now you know the consequence of submitting plagiarism essays, term papers, or even dissertations. It is recommended and clear that you should avoid plagiarized papers because they are unaccepted according to academic standards worldwide. Avoid these avertible implications of plagiarism and handle non-plagiarized essays to your instruct tor or professor. We know that coming up with a high-quality non-plagiarized essay sound so complicated but it is not for the highly skilled and experienced professional writers.

Businessmanagementassignment.com is here to assist you to write original essays, thesis or dissertations, and term papers. Our company’s primary objectives are to help you submit high-quality non-plagiarized essays written from scratch, deliver on time at an affordable price. We understand the dangers of presenting plagiarized work, and that is why our sole mission is to help you overcome these dangers. Submit now plagiarism-free work with us.

Non-plagiarized Essays

Non-plagiarized Essays

How to avoid plagiarism?-Non-plagiarized Essay
It is a wise decision to rely only on reliable writing services where you can hire a perfect match well-educated, experienced, and a dedicated writer for serving you.

Yes, it is true that sometimes plagiarism can be accidental and happens due to student’s unintentional or unawareness of how to cite appropriately. But there are some students or freelance writers who do it intentionally due to lack of writing skills or experience and do not treat academic writing seriously, think that it is easier to steal someone else’s words and ideas than to write something original. By working with our professional and reputation writing service, be guaranteed that all references are valid, cited as per the writing style based on your essay’s requirement and there is no chance for plagiarism. Plagiarism has an inevitable effect it will follow you in your entire life. We indeed know it, and we are committed to helping you avoid it.

Our writing service is famous since we assist students in the whole world in every discipline. The work of each academic writer in our company is thoroughly checked before we send your written paper back to you. Our primary principle is to provide students in different institutions levels with high-quality personalized essays, research papers, thesis papers, term papers, lab reports, and other academic papers at a low price. We guarantee original essays written from scratch by a professional writer.

The steps you need to follow are so simple, just let us know the topic, deadline, and the core instructions from your professor. Our professional writers strictly follow the instructions you provide such that your paper meets your requirements. Our writers know better than anyone how to apply different academic styles to cite sources. As a result, you get an in-depth, non-plagiarized essay that deserves only the highest mark.

Our writers pay attention to the use of citation styles. Every professor decides which formatting style to use. Furthermore, the style used depends so much on the disciple you are dealing with for example; MLA, as a rule, is used for language, cultural studies, APA is usually applied for such subjects as business, psychology, education, linguistics, and others and for the history and humanities students might be asked to use Chicago style. We value and appreciate the citing style demanded by your essay that is why students prefer to buy Non-plagiarized Essays here.

Non-plagiarized Essays

Types of Plagiarism We Avoid
Our company is privileged to have all the knowledge required for handling different kinds of plagiarism. We understand that copying someone’s work is not the only way of plagiarizing. Many types of plagiarism may reflect in your essays, and your professor can quickly detect it from a distance away due to very many compositions they come across. As our reliable writing service, how are we doing to make sure we avoid these crucial types of plagiarism? Well, we pass every paper after writing through our premium grammar checker and Turnitin.com programs. This makes sure that you receive high-quality essays by relying on us. Now, here are some of the plagiarism types that our company can avoid when composing your essay:

1. Direct Plagiarism
This is the most common type of plagiarism where students copy another person’s work word-for-word and sentence by sentence without appreciating other individual’s work or using quotation marks. Many do this because of a lack of time to do their assignment especially during the last-minute rush so that they can beat the deadline, some copy as a result of no writing skills or not being good in that particular subject.

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2. Unintentional Plagiarism
This merely is paraphrasing ineffectively. Same when you fail to cite the source you relied on. We work to make sure that we avoid accidental plagiarism as well.

3. Self-plagiarism
This is recycling and submitting your work to the professor again. Any information related to your previous essay is stored in your professor’s plagiarism checking computer software such that if a similar essay is resubmitted again, it will mark it as 100% plagiarized. Our company is to create every assignment from scratch to uphold originality and high quality.

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Use one or more of these topics to start and progress the discussion, and cite any sources that you reference or draw upon.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • How did the comments and insights from the panel confirm or diverge from your understanding of current issues and challenges facing the industry?
  • The issue of privacy was raised as a point of concern facing society and the communication and media industries. What were some of the other forecasted issues or opportunities raised by the panel that also might be reflected in other readings or research you have done?
  • Discuss any other issues you believe were raised by the panel that made you think, or that you’d like to draw upon the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ – your peers – to discuss and explore further.


  • Critical analysis of issues, and understanding of readings and course content, demonstrated in posts and responses to peers (6/12)
  • Quality and extent of engagement through dialogue with peers online in forums (4/12)
  • Quality of writing (2/12)


Suggested industry reports that will supplement your understanding of the issues discussed in Module 1 can be found below.